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Researching Old Murders

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As well as covering every new murder in London, we are also trying to expand the database backwards in time to the 19th Century. How do we go about it? Some cases are so famous that vast amounts of information … Continue reading

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The Waterloo Bag Mystery

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Last month the whole country was baffled and enthralled by the inquest into the suspicious death of GCHQ ‘spy’ Gareth Williams, who was found inside a padlocked bag at his home in Pimlico, south London. The case has chilling echoes … Continue reading

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Mapping the Ratcliffe Highway Murders

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This year is the 200th anniversary of the Ratcliffe Highway murders, when seven people were killed in a gratuitous frenzy in the space of 12 days. But while 19th century Londoners would have recoiled at the mention of John Williams … Continue reading

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Tea and Biscuits with Mr Christie

Blog Category: Historical Murders

The cup of tea is said to be quintessentially English. It also seems to have been the preferred tipple of the notorious wartime serial killer John Christie. So it was fitting that tea (and biscuits) were on offer for a … Continue reading

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