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The Fall in Violent Crime and Murder

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The release of the ‘UK Peace Index‘ (pdf link) has again highlighted the decline in violent crime (including murder) since 2003. “This is the fastest decline in violence of any country in Europe,” the report concludes. It notes that the … Continue reading

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How safe is London?

Blog Category: Criminology, London, Statistics

We were recently sent an email by a worried student asking about the likelihood of being murdered in London. This is perhaps not surprising given the prominence given to reports of teenagers being stabbed to death or shot. As we’ve … Continue reading

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Gangs, Murder and the Police

Blog Category: London, Unsolved Murders

Negus McLean The launch of the new ‘Trident Gang Crime Command’ is being backed by the mother of murdered teenager Negus McLean. Negus was 15 years old when he was stabbed to death by a gang of youths in Edmonton, … Continue reading

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Emergency medicine and the murder rate

Blog Category: London, Statistics

There are several possible explanations for the decrease in the murder rate in London over the last decade: longer sentences, better living standards, better policing and detective work, a decline in drug use, or perhaps just a greater respect for … Continue reading

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Reactions to a Murder

Blog Category: Current Affairs, London

When someone is murdered in London, who notices? Aside from the obvious – witnesses, the local community, the police – the answer depends on the type of case and the victim. Carlos Roberto Oliveria was stabbed to death near Burnt … Continue reading

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The London Map Craze

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Londoners have always liked maps, perhaps because they use them every day to find their way around this massive city. The most famous map is also a work of art – Harry Beck’s 1931 design for the underground – and almost every … Continue reading

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